Since 2005 Metro Midas has been paving the way for the new technology by bringing our expertise in software development skills to startup companies and small business.

Development from A to Z

We offer end-to-end software development, including analytics, architecture design, UX/UI design, software development and implementation, QA, deployment, and maintenance. All these — done by experts under the supervision of a dedicated Project Manager.

Wireframes and MVP

Minimum Viable Product helps collecting maximum amount of knowledge about product users with the least amount of effort before a full-featured complicated product development. And our Business Analysis team will help you to identify the most important features for the MVP

Innovative Technologies

Blockchain, AI, VR or AR — trendy new technologies come into use almost immediately and we are ready to back you up. Our skilled engineers will handle the latest practices and help you to make the digital side of your startup flawless.

IoT Devices and Wearables

Internet of Things has changed consumer lives at many levels. Metro Midas team is ready to help you with IoT and wearables development and create interactive apps & engaging user experiences to uncover the full potential of the technology.

We Know How to Deal
with Your Ideas

Many startups addressed Metro Midas to help them build their software product from scratch. Metro Midas technical teams have experience building startups with ideas for sophisticated, complex systems. We provide small business with IT outsourcing and resources they need to execute and help get a better understanding of costs associated with the development from A to Z.

Our tech guys are both great professionals and enthusiasts in what concerns new technologies and innovation. We developed very complicated technology from the ground up executing the full cycle of a software product. If you decided to change the world with some disruptive technology, we at Metro Midas have strong tech skills and bullet-proof process with thorough QA to help you bring your project idea to life.

Got a brilliant startup idea?

How Startups Can Benefit
from Outsourcing Software Development

Focus on Business Goals

Focus on the core business, increase efficiency and competitiveness, without spending valuable resources on solving specific infrastructure problems with the help of outsourcing. With Metro Midas you can get the full spectrum of software development help including design and QA services, so you can concentrate on growing business.

Reduce Costs on Development

All the functions of an internal IT team, from business analysis to design to maintenance can be outsourced. You will not need to purchase additional office space, spend money on computer hardware and software. You will save on hiring employees to perform IT functions and reduce expenses on training and benefits.

Access Experts in the Field

As industry experts, we are competent in services we deliver. With Metro Midas skilled team you gain access to the latest topnotch practices and quality support. That’s especially critical when working on the initial code base to make sure it’s well written. We will choose the best fitting technologies and deliver the project in the shortest terms.

Get a Third Party View

Sometimes our ideas are like babies, we love them just too much to see the flaws. Getting an unbiased technical view on the project is crucial to succeeding. Together with our Business Analysis team, you will find the best wrapping for your idea on earlier stages and will polish UI/UX interaction and business logic when it’s time.

What if You Don’t Have the Capital
to Take Your Business Idea off the Ground?

Attracting engineering talent within a limited budget is really an issue. So there is a common practice of splitting equity with angel investors, venture capitalists, partners and co-founders, engineers, and development teams. Metro Midas team along with providing professional IT outsourcing services is also happy to participate in an interesting project and split up the pie with the startup founders.

If you don’t have the resources to be set on product development, we will handle the hardest part: building fancy technology from the outset. We can implement even the most complex and innovative solutions and take your idea from concept to product to launch.

Looking for a development team on equity sharing terms?

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Why Us

Business Analysis

Many start-ups in our portfolio had no technical staff, and we do know how to deal with it. Our team studies the specifics of your projects and can build the entire software development process for non-technical clients.

Perfect Process

Over the years, we’ve faced many problems and found numerous workarounds. That’s how we polished our software development process, and now can confidently guarantee quality and timely results.

Maximum Agility

Before you get the final product, we can quickly deliver an MVP (minimum viable prototype), so you could check the most critical features and logic.

Management and Communication

We choose the most convenient way in touch with our clients, and our project managers keep you updated at all times. In addition, our excellent English skills help to avoid misunderstandings.

Legal Protection

Need us to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)? No problem. We’re a professional offshore software product development company, and we’ll make sure to protect your project’s privacy

Fast Ramp-Up

We have a resource pool, that is ready to start working on the project immediately after we get requirements and materials.

Price Advantage

Utilizing the offshore team helps you to focus on your business goals. Besides that, transferring your project development to outsource in Eastern Europe allows you to save the budget substantially.

Intellectual Property Rights

Your project is 100% yours. Intellectual Property rights on software we developed are completely transferred to the client.

Working Hours & Time Zones

No matter where you are – in the USA, Europe, or Australia – we can adjust our working hours to make sure there is an overlap with your specific timezone.

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