How to Get More Out of Your ERP System

Lots of companies think about how to build an ERP system. According to GlobeNewswire, by 2026, the global IT outsourcing market will be worth $425.19 billion. Deloitte Global Outsourcing Survey showed that IT product outsourcing is one of the industries most affected by outsourcing business processes. 57% of organizations believe outsourcing allows them to focus on their core business activities completely.

Manual calibration of all the information requires huge investments in terms of both time and financial resources for the management. On the other hand, a quality ERP system optimises various functions within the organization to funnel them toward the common goal. Before building a custom ERP system from scratch, you should first understand what it is and what are the benefits of using such systems. ERP maintenance packages are usually comprehensive and include tons of support operations you might not need.

To get a quality and useful product, you need to describe your goals and requirements for the development team. It’d be good to communicate with employees from different departments to figure out their problems and think of how to solve them with ERP. Having a small or middle company, you can integrate the software quite fast. However, enterprises can face integration difficulties due to many parts of the product. Your developers can customize parts of the system, manipulating with source code and APIs (this process is usually time-consuming). ERPs exist in different forms and with many different features and benefits.

Integrating ERP System With Existing Infrastructure

The cost level of custom web resource planning solutions varies. However, we have calculated the cost of developing an ERP system for a small clinic and have included key criteria that define the exact cost. The technical stack depends on the platforms chosen for implementation.

  • Having an in-house team of developers can help you get a proper estimate.
  • Understanding the function of the ERP application may take more time for some employees.
  • The tasks are divided between the team members according to their area of specialization.
  • Yes, Creator boasts 60+ prebuilt apps to cater to a diverse set of business functions and a wide range of business sectors and industries.
  • Here is one of our latest projects — SaaS retail operations platform .
  • ERP systems are designed to store and process large amounts of data, which will allow more competently allocated production resources and make accurate management decisions.

It is designed to be responsive and user-friendly and can be easily integrated with other systems and applications. It is worth noting that an ERP template is not a complete ERP system, but rather a starting point that can be customized and developed further to meet an organization’s specific needs. Many businesses are currently struggling to manage all of the necessary company processes. One of the finest solutions to this issue is the construction of custom ERP applications. Your performance will be improved with the aid of this new solution, which may be linked with the legacy apps of the business if necessary. Although the costs for creating such a system may appear high at first, they will ultimately prove to be worthwhile.

It is used for better integration of all the business processes within the company. According to the 2021 ERP Report, 92% of organizations said they considered their ERP project a success. ERP is fundamentally complex, for it deals with deep operational end-to-end business processes. As a platform for developing different types of applications, .NET may be the right choice for your ERP solution. Using this platform as your primary tool, you will be able to take advantage of the whole set of robust tools for web development in the first place. Alternatively, ASP.NET Core is even better-fit for fulfilling the above tasks.

It often occurs that tasks have been completed the certain way just because everyone got used to it, and not because it’s the best possible option. ERP systems make business processes visible and transparent, and allow managers to find the optimal approach to making things done and cut out unnecessary steps. Vue.js is a new software technology used all over the world for web development and today to create custom ERP. It is a JavaScript framework equipped with tools to build a user interface. It saves money from product development to the account segment. The unifying system of ERP helps your employee to work efficiently.

Custom-Made ERP Software: Benefits and Drawbacks

It is a well-known platform that supports numerous languages and currencies. It is highly customizable and has a partner relationship module inside. Is built on an AI platform suitable for businesses of any size.

how to create your custom ERP system

To keep things in order and ensure smooth processes, business owners should opt for custom ERP development. Employees will not have to switch between the apps and will be able to concentrate on more important strategic tasks. One app to store the clients’ database, the other one – to take care of the payments and bills, and the third one is for the marketing department. Even three tools can create chaos even in a small organization.

Developing an ERP System from Scratch: Key Steps, Costs, and Examples

Try following each of them when you start creating a product of your own. With a skilled ERP development team by your side, you can have a working solution running in the cloud in just a few months. Collect, store, process, and analyze data, gather insights from the market situation, rivals, and users, and achieve your business goals. Integration also allows develop erp software you to connect a custom ERP system to solutions you’re familiar with. If it’s your first experience with resource planning software, explore typical components of ERP systems other industry players are using. According to a report from Software Path, a company that compares business software, enterprises spend around 17 weeks choosing the right ERP system.

how to create your custom ERP system

The deployment process also involves setting up user accounts, configuring security settings, and testing the system to ensure that it is functioning correctly. In short, it’s a highly technical — but user-friendly — piece of software that keeps your business running smoothly. With this realisation, we started to look at the options to build our own. At each step of the way, there were a number of features that were not available online; but in our mind were not re-inventing the wheel. And it certainly helped that we provide the same solutions to our clients! So with that – we made the decision to build our own ERP system for Dcode Group (originally called Dcode Support – now called Kanopi).


The larger the company, the more business management tools are necessary to coordinate all of the processes. In 2021, over 50% of businesses developing an ERP system were able to easily manage their accounting, logistics, inventory, and staff. However, hourly rates may mean very little if the team is inexperienced.

how to create your custom ERP system

Additionally, ERP application software can exist as both a web-based platform and a mobile application with all of the features properly aligned. Remember that no matter how complex the solution is, taking a step-by-step approach in delivering ERP software development services is the best way to handle things. To be agile means to divide the intended ERP system into parts and take one step at a time. To consider an implementation of the project successful, every aspect of an ERP solution must be tested.

Disadvantages of ERP Software Development

Continue reading – we have this and many other questions answered below. Our teamGet to know the team that makes us one of the best strategy and technology consulting companies in Europe. Learn more about how Orases developed this unique software solution for Quinlan & Fabish. Organizations which acquire off-the-shelf ERP software often overlook the hidden costs, such as monthly licensing fees. With custom ERP software, clients own 100% of their software and are therefore not required to pay monthly licensing fees.

Our suite of sample apps for finance and accounting range across payables and receivables management, cash flow analysis, tax management, invoicing, and so much more. Freeing your experts’ from transactional, low-order tasks, can help your business boost compliance and avoid security risks. Businesses usually underestimate the criticality and quality of the data migrated to their ERP software from old systems.

Only this will give you an understanding of whether you’ve built the right thing. So if something is not working as it should, you can fix it right away. Alternatively, you might even realize that your idea was all wrong and you have to do something completely different.

Quality Assurance of an ERP

For instance, hourly rates of web development teams in North America are $100-$150 on average while the rates of developers in Eastern Europe are $35-$50. So in the case of this company, they only needed little tweaks to their established processes in order to automate them. However, some companies may require a complete re-engineering of the current ways of doing business, before building their software. We developed a large, complex .NET application with various third-party integrations. For example, the HR department will likely work with some combination of modules designed around payroll recording, human capital management, and personnel records. To test how these modules work together, ask a few people from the target department to use the modules and collect their feedback.

The database is essential to store valuable data because a company uses RDBMS . The proper technology makes ERP applications more accurate and will give you the desired result as per your need. A custom ERP software comprises multiple navigation buttons, charts and other elements.

You will find answers to these and many other questions in our new blog post. Review whether the system matches initial security, integration, and functionality requirements. Next, you must decide on the type of system you want to implement.

How to build a custom ERP in 5 steps

So what are your company goals and how do you want your new tool to contribute to them with the new custom ERP? By answering this question, you’ll align your project goals with the overall business strategy. Having this information in mind, you can calculate the approximate development cost and timeline of the entire project. However, we have compiled a table of approximate prices for different stages of development, depending on the country in which the design and development team is located. An order management module keeps track of orders from the time they are received until they are delivered.

You can send your project specifications, and we’ll discuss them with you. The more complex ERP system you need, the more questions you’ll need to answer. They will be a starter point for developing your own ERP system.

If you seek to empower your business, there is a robust tool that allows doing so. Enterprise resource planning software helps run efficiently your day-to-day business operations like your order and inventory management, human resources, and accounting. The custom ERP software solutions developed at Orases have been proven to effectively consolidate data and streamline business processes through advanced automations and integrations. Software engineers use different APIs from third-party services to access the data and display it in the ERP system.

Next, you need to find a good contractor who knows exactly how to build an ERP system. You can find a great contractor using social networks , ranking sites (like, or asking colleagues and friends. When hiring, it is essential to evaluate the team’s experience, portfolio, feedback from past clients, knowledge and skills.

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