Since 2005 Metro Midas has been developing workflow management tools
that transform hours of work into a few clicks.

The strategic goal of any organization today is automating as many workflows and processes as possible so that its people can work smarter, not harder. When a competitive marketplace is factored in, time and resource saving automated workflow management tools aren’t an option anymore, but a necessity. Our company provides full range of outsourcing services to create management software which facilitates your business. For example, we can offer not just business automation, but also integrate it to SAP or MS Office: our developers are true experts in this area.

No matter how many processes you need to automate, the number of people depending on those processes, or where they are located, Metro Midas’s business automation can develop the most powerful workflow management tools. We can automate virtually every process ranging from the most mundane to the extraordinarily complex. Our solutions are developed to eliminate costly errors and reduce wasted time associated with manual-based workflows. And if you multiply that time and money by dozens or thousands of employees, you can imagine the impact our business automation solutions will have on your bottom line.

Business moves fast, and keeping ahead requires workflow solutions that kick your current processes into high gear, minimize paperwork, streamline functions that can occur simultaneously, and track the workflow process to identify opportunities for improvement and evaluate effectiveness. If you need a professional business automation company or require such a consultation, be free to contact us.

Business Process Automation Services

Transaction Processing Systems Development

These systems are not just something that is needed in banks and other financial institutions. Transaction automation will increase efficiency of your business no matter which industry it is.

Decision Support Systems Development

These systems are designed to support business and organizational decision-making activities. It will help your company to increase productivity on the management, operations and planning levels.

Custom SCM Development

Supply chain management automation software will save you lots of money if your business is related to importing, exporting goods and transportation in general.

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Benefits of Custom Business System

Increased Efficiency

The main advantage of the custom business system is that it helps to keep data from all organization departments in one place. It offers broad opportunities for automating day-to-day tasks and eliminating recurring processes, allowing the team to focus on core business process. Furthermore, business automation helps to organize cross-department workflows, for example, between accounting, HR management, marketing, and other areas, and shows key performance indicators across the organization for the management team.


In order to bring benefits to the business, each business system must be developed according to the best practices of the industry it corresponds to. It will help to standardize processes and improve the work of the organization, increasing its efficiency. Standardization and automation of processes also advance the interaction between departments and reduces the possibility of errors. Systems provided by experienced business automation development companies also help to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and maintain accuracy in different reports, based on secure and validated data.

Cost Saving

Business process automation is much more cost-effective than the creation and support of several applications. It also reduces the time spent on training end-users to interact with a system, as they only need to learn one instead of multiple. Business automation is always an investment, and one more advantage it offers is a reduction in further operational costs related to solving sudden problems. Since all business units work closely together in the real-time mode, it is easier for organization’s departments to react to problems and interact with each other on any business issues.

Data Security

The control of who can see and manage the information is important for the software that offers widespread data access. All automated business systems have internal controls, so admins can easily manage user permissions and detect unauthorized actions. Such software uses a single information repository and input system which helps to maintain a high level of security, as well as improve the accuracy and consistency of the data. Business process automation database system also cares about the creation of backups, and cloud-based systems provide around the clock protection of their servers.

Complete Customization

One of the main advantages of BPA solutions is their modular system. Most of providers offer completely ready to use applications with a lot of components you may not need for your business, so why overpay? Custom business process automation helps to receive a high-quality system that contains only those modules that align to your needs. Moreover, you have an opportunity to configure the system for specific tasks of departments, connect it with other systems, implement individual features, and supplement the existed software with new functional anytime you need.

Report and Planning

A reporting system is required for each organization. Especially when many departments regularly provide them, it is convenient to store all data in a single system. Automated systems can collect different data and generate analytics on demand. When developing software, professional business automation company can consider those trends and indicators you need for creating reports precisely for your business. With such reports, you can succeed in planning, and also identify strengths and weaknesses in business processes of separate departments or your company at a whole.

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Why Us

Business Analysis

Many start-ups in our portfolio had no technical staff, and we do know how to deal with it. Our team studies the specifics of your projects and can build the entire software development process for non-technical clients.

Perfect Process

Over the years, we’ve faced many problems and found numerous workarounds. That’s how we polished our software development process, and now can confidently guarantee quality and timely results.

Maximum Agility

Before you get the final product, we can quickly deliver an MVP (minimum viable prototype), so you could check the most critical features and logic.

Management and Communication

We choose the most convenient way in touch with our clients, and our project managers keep you updated at all times. In addition, our excellent English skills help to avoid misunderstandings.

Legal Protection

Need us to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)? No problem. We’re a professional offshore software product development company, and we’ll make sure to protect your project’s privacy

Fast Ramp-Up

We have a resource pool, that is ready to start working on the project immediately after we get requirements and materials.

Price Advantage

Utilizing the offshore team helps you to focus on your business goals. Besides that, transferring your project development to outsource in Eastern Europe allows you to save the budget substantially.

Intellectual Property Rights

Your project is 100% yours. Intellectual Property rights on software we developed are completely transferred to the client.

Working Hours & Time Zones

No matter where you are – in the USA, Europe, or Australia – we can adjust our working hours to make sure there is an overlap with your specific timezone.

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