Looking to have your web, mobile or SaaS software product developed?

Software development company

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Looking to have your web, mobile or SaaS software product developed?

Software development company

Metro Midas specializes in developing and maintaining SaaS products. Whether you need to build a product from scratch or take care of a separate component, be it backend, frontend, mobile, or API, we’ve got you covered.

Product Development

Software development is not just coding from dusk till dawn; it requires a joint effort of different IT professionals. At Metro Midas, we have full-stack delivery teams to help you write or analyze the specs, devise industry-tailored software solutions, build efficient architecture, or implement a sleek UI/UX design. We also perform comprehensive software testing and QA audit and provide software maintenance, system administration, and support.

Product Delivery

We understand that no one wants to start a project facing a lot of unknowns or unspecified cost projections. Therefore, we use our Time & Materials model, which assures complete transparency and gives enough flexibility to customize the project scope based on one’s budget. With fully managed delivery teams, we can provide our clients with accurate preliminary estimates for their projects.

Dedicated Teams

We take time to understand your business needs and then provide you with a dedicated development team whose expertise matches your project requirements and goals. We can also handpick a couple of software engineers with the needed tech stack in case you are interested in team extension services. Our full-stack delivery teams include software developers, QA engineers, UI/UX designers, PMs, BAs, system architects, and DevOps engineers.

Our services

Our focus is on delivering you the absolute best support, guiding you through training and providing forward-thinking industry solutions.

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Startups & Innovation

We can provide a full-cycle development of your startup project or make a part of it that requires resources that you may lack. Metro Midas has onboard specialists in different technologies needed to create services, websites, applications and games for mobile and desktop platforms.


Whether you need an online store, shopping cart or a B2B website, we can
provide you with suitable software. Powerful tools we use allow us to realize
credit card processing, shipping trackers, virtual shopping carts and other features for the web and mobile platforms.

Business Automation

Disaster recovery, time tracking, invoice generation, and warehouse efficiency are just some of the BPA solutions we’ve developed. Together with us, you can build a custom enterprise app tailored to your business workflows – no need to overpay for unnecessary features in the ready-made tools and worry about your data security.


Unlike the most of IT outsourcing companies, we have over rich experience
with e-government solutions and standards. We created award-winning
apps that help citizens interact with their local government and get the latest
updates on any political or civil topics.


Our solid experience in building SaaS products allows us to develop modern, industry-specific software solutions. Together with us, you can build a platform for efficient operations management, a mobile app for patient engagement, a telehealth system, integrate patient analytics and reminders & notifications modules, as well as add custom features.


Game Development

Our team of passionate game developers will help you create seamlessly-running games and memorable digital experiences regardless of the platform, be it desktop, mobile, or web. Metro Midas is not your typical software development company: like your players, we’re always looking for a challenge to test our talents!




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